When two players has the same number of rebirth (Ex. The highest rebirth),
the player who has higher level will temporarily be ranked ahead of the other player;

While when the two players has also the same level (Ex. Level 350),
the player who first reach the highest rebirth
(Based on the rebirth time recorded in the website) will be ranked ahead of the other.

No.Character NameLevelRebirthClassSchool
1 /WG/Lucious 35050Extreme(Girl)Phoenix
2 /WG/Kendall 35050Extreme(Girl)Phoenix
3 Matsuoko 35050Extreme(Girl)Phoenix
4 /WG/Jordz 35050Extreme(Girl)Phoenix
5 /WG/FreDxi 35050Extreme(Boy)Phoenix
6 Santino` 35050Extreme(Boy)Phoenix
7 /WG/Nin 35050Extreme(Girl)Phoenix
8 Chemotheraphy 35050Extreme(Girl)Phoenix
9 /WG/Ezzy 35050Extreme(Girl)Phoenix
10 /WG/Unknown- 35050Extreme(Girl)Phoenix
11 /WG/Jay 35050Extreme(Girl)Phoenix
12 CAWTZ 35050Extreme(Girl)MP
13 `-NicoLe-25 35050Extreme(Girl)MP
14 -BATiNGTiNG 35050Extreme(Girl)Phoenix
15 Misanthropy 35050Extreme(Boy)SG
16 Twiiix- 35050Extreme(Girl)SG
17 Stella 35050Extreme(Girl)Phoenix
18 /WG/Anonymous 35050Extreme(Boy)Phoenix
19 Biju 35050Shaman(Girl)Phoenix
20 MAMASB0Y 35050Extreme(Boy)Phoenix
21 /LG/-KORO 35050Extreme(Boy)Phoenix
22 /WG/Kiddo-Sei 35050Extreme(Girl)Phoenix
23 /WG/Godz- 35050Extreme(Girl)Phoenix
24 Gara 35050Extreme(Girl)Phoenix
25 -ROGU3` 35050Extreme(Girl)MP