1st Month Event!

1 10.16.2018

READ DETAILS!!! 1st Month Event Blast!

We are giving you special events on Saturday and Sunday, events as follows:

Piso Event 11AM - 9PM 
Suryun Event (4PM)
Boss Time Attack (4PM)
Slot Event (RANDOM Time)
Hide & Seek (RANDOM Time)
Special CW Reward: 300M / 12PCS BAIL / 5 PCS Ganil / 4PCS Max RV Cards
(Legit Guild ONLY at least 3PT Members)
8v8 Saturday (Mechanics - To be announce)
For players using Facebook Live:

Gaining 500+ views in your facebook live video will win:
Perma w/ Stats GT [FLAME] of Choice 
1.5k EP

Starting Today Oct. 16
(TW, CW, Events)

Please include:
Banner and Link Video Description:
Our Website
Facebook Group & Page
Game Feature. 
(You can message Drei ESports for Banner)
Effective Oct. 16 to 23

Special Discount on EP/Donation will get 40% Rebate in every donation. Minimum of worth [500]

1,000Php Donation = 1,400EP

To all first time donators - 1K of first donation will still receive +500EP and an additional rebate of 40%.

Example (First Time Donator):
1,000Php Donation = 1,900EP 

Thank you for your continuous support! We will be releasing exciting events and promotions for our long term server commitment.